Wille 275 is robust and agile. The minimum width is 1,260 mm and minimum height 1,990 mm. Wille 275 has operating hydraulics with a flow of 110 lpm. Wille’s extensive range of work attachments and tyres makes it a perfect partner for you. Operator gives various possibilities to connect front and rear hydraulic flows of the machine depending on the work requirements.

Although Wille 275 is small in its size, it can easily deal with even with tough snow clearing operations. When Wille 275 is ploughing and blowing snow, loading and piling can easily be done with the high-tipping bucket.

In summer,  there is also plenty for Wille to do on green areas and asphalt. The wide lawn mower, leaf collector and high-pressure washer help keep areas clean and tidy.

EngineKohler KDI 1903TCR
Output42 kW / 56 hp
Lifting force in
upper/lower position
12 / 13 kN
Lifting height700 mm
Max motor hydraulic
55 + 35 + 20 l/min, 110 l/min
Tyres31×10.5-15, 31×15.5-15
Width1260/1320 mm
Length3500 mm
Height1990 mm
Wheelbase1740 mm
Outer turning radius3200 mm
Weight2260 kg
Driving speed0-37 km/h
Noise level: inside76 dBA
Noise level: outside101 dBA


Amazingly versatile and agile.

A front loader with extensive outreach, hydraulic flow sufficient for multiple work attachments and a wide range of optional equipment available are features that make the Wille 375Δ amazingly versatile: with one single machine, you can achieve more than with a mini-tractor or a wheel loader of the same size.

EngineKohler KDI 1903TCR
Output42 kW / 56 hv
Lifting force in
upper/lower position
7,4 / 17,7 kN
Lifting height2735 mm
Max motor hydraulic
0-55 +35 + 20 l/min, 110 l/min
Width1430 mm
Length4135 mm
Height2110 mm
Wheelbase1955 mm
Outer turning radius3570 mm
Weight2960 kg
Driving speed0-38 km/h
Noise level: inside72 dBA
Noise level: outside101 dBA


Better than ever.

The Wille 465 is the most popular environmental management machine its weight category. Although compact in size, the Wille 465 has a lot of the properties of the larger machines, and even long days will not make you feel tired. The cabin is spacious and visibility in all directions from the operator’s seat is excellent. The load sensing hydraulics and proportionally controlled cylinder hydraulics makes your work even more comfortable. Compared to its predecessor, the extended wheelbase improves the machine’s stability and tipping load. With this Wille machine you can perform your building management tasks both in urban areas and outside in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way.

EngineKohler KDI 2504 TCR
Output55,4 kW / 74,3 hp
Lifting force in upper/lower position11.6 / 24.7 kN , 2610 / 5550 lbf
Max motor hydraulic flow
0-80 + 52 l/min, 0-21.2 + 13.7 gpm, 132 l/min, 34.9 gpm
Tyres305/70R16, 380/60R15
Width1655 mm, 65″
Length4270 mm, 168″
Height2175 mm, 85.5″
Wheelbase2090 mm, 82″
Outer turning radius3750 mm, 147.5″
Weight3420 kg, 7500 lbs
Driving speed0-40 kmph, 0-25 mph


The biggest and the boldest of Wille family.

The Wille 865 is really a multi-functional wheel loader, whose work attachments can also be connected to the rear lift or to the top of the engine compartment. The most powerful operating hydraulic system on the market with two hydraulic circuits, and a load-sensing variable displacement pump is a standard feature. The combined flow of the motor hydraulics is 200 lpm, which is particularly needed when driving a snow blower under tough conditions. Wille is low, agile and able to work smoothly even in narrow places.

Wille machines are equipped with the new more effective Kohler KDI 100 kW engine (EU Off Road Stage 4). Automatic EcoDrive (AED) reduces RPM in transfer speed and saves fuel and lowers emission app. 25 %. The machines never lack power even during tough transport driving or when ploughing heavy snow. The lifting forces are equivalent to those of a wheel loader of the same size. Its transfer speed is max. 50 kph which can be limited if necessary.

EngineKohler KDI 3404 TCR-SCR
Output100 kW / 136 hp
Lifting force in
upper/lower position
42.5 / 65.8 kN , 9550 / 14800 lbf
Lifting height3740 mm , 147″
Max motor hydraulic flow0-145 + 55 l/min , 0-38.3 + 14.5 gpm, 200 l/min, 52.8 gpm
Tyres460/65R24, 500/60R22,5
Width2150 mm , 85″
Length5480 mm , 216″
Height2490 mm , 98″
Wheelbase2675 mm , 105,5″
Outer turning radius4800 mm , 189″
Weight7050 kg , 15500 lbs
Driving speed0-50 kmph, 0-31mph

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Wille models 275, 375, 465, 665 and 865 have Automatic Eco Drive as standard equipment. It adjusts the engine RPM automatically to the area of the best utility ratio and so reduces fuel consumption and emissions as well as noise when no high rotation is needed for travelling between locations or work.

Automatic Eco Drive works in different ways at different driving speeds. The operator can select from the machine settings if this property is on at both high and slow speeds, or in only one of them. Automatic Eco Drive can, when necessary, also be fully turned off.


The operators who use a creeping pedal for speed control, may feel fatigue in their feet after the working day. In the long run, it may prove arduous to slow down the driving speed of the machine using a creeping pedal.

A more ergonomic option to do this is Smart Drive. In Smart Drive, the accelerator is programmed to turn into a drive pedal, when the hand throttle is activated. Now the drive pedal controls driving speed, and not the rotation speed of the diesel engine.


Continuous use of a steering wheel may cause a stress injury to the operators’ shoulders. The preventive measure for this is VarioSteer developed by Wille Machines.

VarioSteer consists of two driving modes. You can choose between using the steering wheel or a lever. Fast steering wheel steering allows you to adjust the rotation speed of the steering wheel in a 5-step range. In this way you can adjust the steering speed as you find it comfortable to use.

In lever steering, instead of a steering wheel you use a lever which is situated on the arm rest on the left of the seat. The lever is a more ergonomic choice especially for repetitious tasks, such as the loading of snow, which requires a lot of back and forth movement from the machine and multiple loads and unloads from the work attachment. In coppice cutting, for example, you can adjust the lever steering to a more gentle speed in the same 5-step range and keep the travel line straight as long as is necessary. There is no longer the need to continuously make small corrective movements using the steering wheel.