The TRUVAC HXX was built from the ground up. This full-sized machine had years of research. There is no job too big or too small for your TRUVAC HXX.

The HXX has an 8” Boom and Vacuum system that is expandable or telescopic to 22’ reach with a 320-degree rotation. The Truvac has a 50-degree tilting, 12 cubic yard debris body, or 15 cubic yard debris body along with a water system of 10 or 20 GPM at 2500 or 3000 psi water pump options with a DigRight Technology. Having multiple options for chassis, you will be sure to find the right one for your HXX’s needs. The Positive Displacement blower options rated at 18 in-HG/4970 cfm, 28 in-HG/5200 cfm, or 28 in-HG/6176 cfm, also available with a two-stage centrifugal compressor.

Why Choose the TRUVAC HXX?

  • Meets all midsize and full-sized excavation needs
  • Tows mini-excavators, HDD drills, or supply job trailers
  • Deliver maximum job site productivity
  • Maximum versatility in choices to make your HXX best fit your requirements


The Paradigm is the most innovative and versatile small vac truck on the market. The TRUVAC Paradigm lets you excavate in crowded places with safety and versatility in mind. Customer-inspired and built to safe-digging requirements, the Paradigm is committed to quality.

The extendable boom with powered raise/lower and stowed with dig hose attached for quick setup and tear-downs will increase productivity and complete more jobs in less time. The compact design for easy maneuverability is available in Class 6 non-CDL or Class 7 chassis options, along with a Positive Displacement blower rated at 15 in-HG and 2200 cfm. The hydrovac has a 50-degree tilting 675-gallon debris body, a 6” vacuum system, extendable to 14’6” reach, 210-degree rotation, and an 8gpm at 2500 psi water pump with DIgRight Technologies to make sure your jobs are as efficient as possible.

Why Choose the TRUVAC Paradigm? –

  • Unmatched versatility with a compact design for easy maneuverability available in non-CDL configurations – single engine for the top of the line performance
  • Park-N-Dig quick set up that allows operators to flip a switch and being their operations in minutes


APXX is the peak performer of heavy-duty vacuum excavators. Built to operate in the most rugged climates and environments, it reaches new heights by delivering a combination of standard features that make this machine rise to a class of its own.

Designed with multiple axle options, this excavator is positioned to maximize legal payload and make time on the job more profitable. Operator comfort is second to none, thanks to the standard heated double-walled storage cabinets that provide operators a break and protection from the elements while supporting productivity in cold climates. The quiet operation of the Venturi injection system on the Hibon blower provides state-of-the-art sound reduction technology as them perform vacuum excavation applications.


  • Hydro Excavation
  • Air Excavation
  • Potholing/Daylighting to locate underground utilities
  • Keyholing for HDD installation
  • Slot Trenching
  • Cleanup of flood water, drilling spills, catch basins, & construction sites


Meet the TRUVAC FLXX, a flexible vac truck providing you maximum payload, performance and productivity in a smaller more maneuverable package. TRUVAC FLXX is the safe digging machine that is perfect for a wide range of applications simply are not as suitable or as profitable for a full-size truck.

The quality of our equipment is only matched by the service and support after the sale. Our experts are committed to helping you get the most from your vac truck so you can focus on getting the job done right. Parts and service centers at the ready to keep you up and running. Expert consultation and training for optimal equipment use, safety and maintenance. Cloud-based access 24/7 to technical information, parts bulletins and warranty information.


The TRUVAC TRXX vacuum excavator is a compact trailer with the power and features required at a variety of job sites to perform a wide range of tasks. This non-destructive hydro excavation trailer is portable and versatile and ideal for a broad range of applications.

• Hydro Excavation
• Vacuum Excavation
• Potholing/Daylighting to locate underground utilities
• Keyholing for HDD installations
• Slot Trenching
• Cleanup of flood water, drilling spoils, catch basins, construction sites
• Valve box repairs
• Removal of non-hazardous liquids

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