boivin evolution

The Electric Boivin is engineered to function with electric motors or an electric actuator to enhance power efficiency while decreasing energy consumption. Feel good about your garbage truck.

A bodyweight of 13,000 lbs and a capacity of 20 yd³ or 27 yd³. A body length of 243 in with a 3/16” abrasion-resistant floor and 100,000 PSI tensile strength steel. Your choice of 12 in, 24 in, or 32 in of tailgate length, and a capacity of 0 yd³, 3yd³, 6 yd³. And a hopper capacity of 3 yd³ with a ⅜” abrasion resistance steel with 400 HB of hardness.

LiNMC high-density technologies allow lightweight and quick recharge on Type 2 charging stations, 240 VAC compatible J1772. There are installed power heat pads that the battery pack maintains at its best working condition and temperature. The 46 kWh capacity allows over 1,000 bins per day with the overnight charge in any temperature condition.

A 100% electric automated arm and collection body is the most efficient unit to install on the 100% electric chassis. The cabover uses a 27 yd³ body, ready for the road ahead.

Why Choose Boivin Evolution?

  • 50% Reduction of the Energy Consumption of an Electric vs. Hydraulic on an Electric Chassis.
  • There is no Hydraulic equipment or functions, reducing the energy consumption.

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