The BOIVIN EVOLUTION electric side-loader can be configured to be completely self-powered with its own battery packs for conventional diesel, compressed natural gas (“CNG”), or electric power chassis, and can also be integrated into an electric-powered chassis to use a common battery pack. The energy-efficient BEV refuse body can complete a full ten-hour route on a single overnight charge, while packing ten tons of legal payload, and still have battery charge to spare. In addition, the use of electric garbage trucks offers waste haulers and their municipal waste customers a new technologically and economically viable tool to support their sustainability initiatives.

The all-electric body features an arm with no kick-out, that provides a shake-free and smooth operation. The arm itself is much quieter, and does not have any hydraulics to power it. The auger compactor allows for compaction through the front wall of the body and unloading with a pack-through eject panel to discharge the waste. This design provides a self-cleaning hopper, and does not require tilting of the body to unload it. With all body and arm functions being battery powered, no energy is drawn from the engine to power the body and the arm.

The BOIVIN EVOLUTION automated side loader was developed with a mission of revolutionizing refuse collection. The 100% electric arm and auger compactor allows fleets to reduce their environmental footprint by reducing fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions, while also eliminating hydraulic oil spills. This combination enables the operation of a fully-electric automated refuse collection vehicle, versus hybrid technologies that adapt a traditional hydraulic body to a battery-powered chassis and still require hydraulic hoses to operate the body functions.

Check out our 3D tour of the 1st Generation Boivin Electric Garbage Truck. Click the image for the tour.


Available with Electric Powered Chassis, with options integrated into the chassis

Available with conventional diesel

Available with CNG chassis


When the BOIVIN EVOLUTION body is configured with a diesel-fuel chassis, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 35% when compared to a hydraulic body. This pairing can result in dramatic fuel savings per year.

When the BOIVIN EVOLUTION body is configured with an electric-powered chassis, range is extended due to elimination of the power take-off from the EV chassis.

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