EB 30/1

The EB 30/1 is switched on and off using the foot switch. The flat device (90 mm) goes under radiators and even furniture with low ground clearance and picks up loose dirt close to the edges up to a distance of only 2 mm. The telescopic handle with grip can be set to the user’s height and moved in all directions by means of a cardan joint. During breaks it is locked in a vertical position. As the EB 30/1 is cordless, there is virtually no set-up time. The electric broom can work on carpets for around 30 minutes and on hard floors for 45 minutes before the powerful nickel-cadmium battery needs to be recharged. It takes only 110 minutes to charge using the fast charger, which is included in the scope of supply. Exchangeable batteries mean users can keep working without having to stop to recharge.

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