Cold Water High-Pressure Washers

Cold Water High-Pressure Cleaners will clean machines, vehicles, and buildings daily with the pressure of a high flow rate, cold water high-pressure cleaners that will remove the stubborn dirt. Choose from Superclass, Middle class, Compact class, Portable, Special class, and Combustion engine.


Super class

The best in their field. Our super class cold water high-pressure cleaners are used wherever uncompromising maximum performance is required. With their robust and durable design, they are perfectly equipped to remove even the most stubborn dirt. Whether in agriculture, on the construction site, in industry or municipal use – maximum performance is required. Pressure, flow volumes and super class equipment are perfectly matched.

HD 3.5/30-4 S EA

HD 5.0/50 Ec Cage

HD 5.0/50 Eb Cage

Middle class

Well equipped for long and heavy-duty use: Cold water high-pressure cleaners in the middle class clean machines, vehicles or company premises quickly and reliably.

HD 3.0/20 M Cage Ea

HD 2.3/15 M Cage Ed

HD 3.0/20-4 M Cage Ea

Compact class

Light and powerful: these compact, all-round cleaning machines clean courtyards and workshops in next to no time. They excel with pressure, flow rate and working time.


The new Kärcher portable cold water high-pressure cleaners are lightweight and compact. These machines are easy to transport and the ideal mobile companion for all locations of use.

PRO HD 400 Ed

Special class

Equipped for easy transport on particularly difficult surfaces: the special class from Kärcher removes stubborn dirt in difficult to reach areas.

HD 1.8/14 Ed

Jarvis Series (SCW 2.4 /25 G)

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