The B Series orbital head battery powered walk-behind scrubber dryers with disc brushes and 51 cm working width comes with traction drive and is ideal for easy, safe and convenient handling. New KIK system offers reliable protection against incorrect operation. There are four different squeegees and three different battery versions to choose from. This scrubber dryer can also be fitted with a number of other useful optional features. For example, with the automatic DOSE cleaning agent dosing unit for economical use of cleaning agent. Or with the Home Base “Mop” or “Box” kits for better transport of additional utensils. Or with “Easy Fill” for filling the fresh water tank and tank rinsing system for easy rinsing of the dirty water tank. Innovative Kärcher accessories, e.g. brushes with various degrees of hardness, different squeegee blades, pad driver plates and disc pads make this scrubber dryer ideal for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Comes with wet batteries. Orbital technology is the future.

B 80 W, AGM BATTERY, W/ R 65

B 80 W, AGM BATTERY, W/ R 75


Small surfaces filled with objects and furniture are cleaned professionally and efficiently by the extremely maneuverable, user-friendly and low-maintenance BD Series scrubbers. The machine is equipped with a 38 cm diameter disc brush. The new lithium-ion battery has an extra-long running time, with a lifetime three times longer than conventional batteries. This battery is entirely maintenance-free and quick to charge. The ecoefficiency mode reduces the machine’s energy consumption, extends its running time and lowers the noise level by approx. 40%. The BD Series Scrubbers are 35% lighter in this range, making it easier to tackle steps as well as to transport the drier.

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