This machine is as easy to maneuver as a vacuum brush. It exerts ten times more contact pressure than mopping by hand with far better cleaning performance. And this, at a roller speed of about 1,500 revolutions. The machine maintains suction while vacuuming forwards and backwards. The squeegees can also be raised for stubborn dirt. This ensures a longer contact time for the cleaning fleet.


Small surfaces filled with objects and furniture are cleaned professionally and efficiently by the extremely maneuverable, user-friendly and low-maintenance BD Series scrubbers. The machine is equipped with a 38 cm diameter disc brush. The new lithium-ion battery has an extra-long running time, with a lifetime three times longer than conventional batteries. This battery is entirely maintenance-free and quick to charge. The ecoefficiency mode reduces the machine’s energy consumption, extends its running time and lowers the noise level by approx. 40%. The BD Series Scrubbers are 35% lighter in this range, making it easier to tackle steps as well as to transport the drier.

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