Vacuum Sweeper



The Whirlwind1 will dominate uneven, patched roads that involve dirt, sand, millings, and general street sweeping. This vehicle is a powerful tool to maintain and restore permeable pavement.

The Whirlwind1 has proven single-engine technology with shift-on-the-fly operations with customer-tailored performance configurations. With application flexibility, the standard simultaneous sweep/dual nozzle sweep functionality, and suction nozzle(s) designed for demanding road surfaces, the sweeper is proven to restore permeable pavement.

Why Choose the Elgin Whirlwind1? –

  • Equipped with Variable Speed Device (VSD) Technology
  • High Productivity Suction Nozzle(s); allowing for tracking, stay on the path of debris, and following road contours
  • Hydro Statistically Driven Blower eliminates the tensioning of a belt-driven blower


Much like Whirlwind1, the Whirlwind is ready to take on jobs including dirt, sand, millings, and general sweeping to maintain the pavement to its greatest potential. The flexible applications and tailored performance configurations are sure to be another check off your list.

This sweeper is specifically designed to tackle uneven, patched roads. The Whirlwind is recognized as a proven and powerful tool for the maintenance and restoration of permeable pavement. Elevated options include customer-tailored performance configurations, application flexibility, standard simultaneous sweep/dual nozzle sweep functionality, suction nozzle(s) designed for demanding road surfaces, patented SharedPower technology, fewer diesel emissions complexity.

Why Choose the Elgin Whirlwind? –

  • A comprehensive water system that enhances the sweeping performance and longevity of the sweeper
  • Memory Sweep system; allowing the operator to resume all previous sweep settings
  • A patented shared power system is a Tier 4F compliant solution, reducing emissions, lower noise levels, and increasing fuel efficiency.


This versatile vehicle is ideally suited for general sweeping, leaf removals, and catch basin cleaning applications. There is no match to Megawind when sucking up bulky natural and construction debris.

Fully-powered articulating rear vacuum hose, improving operator efficiency with a multipurpose platform for a catch basin and(or) a street sweeper. The Megawind’s 12” vacuum hose is proven its use in construction and municipal applications. Choose between 10 cubic yard or 13 cubic yard hopper sizes ready for any size application—a patented twin-engine SharePower technology made for fewer diesel emissions.

Why Choose the Elgin Megawind?

  • Equipped with Eco Infused Shared power technology at Tier 4F that delivers proven performance, increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and lower noise levels.
  • Articulating Boom Vacuum Hose that allows a full 180 degree of boom and travel 200 degrees of hose reach in a 10ft radius
  • Add an optional Sweeper system designed for bulky debris.

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