Broom Bear

They are made to last. The Broom Bear is fully dualized controls (or single steer option), with an intelligent single-engine design that utilizes the chassis engine to power the vehicle. Broom Bear has options to choose from depending on your application requirements to ensure you effectively get the job done.

A single-engine technology with twin variable displacement hydraulic pumps for an increased sweeper system made for ideal sweeping. With 4.5 yd³ of Hopper standard and a variable dump height up to 11’ 2”, and an 11’ hopper side, maximizing dump truck/container payload distribution. The sweeper is made with a squeegee that has an interchangeability patented chevron conveyor belt system.

Why Choose the Elgin Broom Bear?

  • Highly productive sweep system
  • The main broom is attached to a fully floating trailing arm to better conform to the road contours.
  • Featuring a 23-gallon reservoir with an external level indicator and thermostat
  • The hydraulic system with o-ring face seal fittings is designed for long life and leak-free operations.

Road Wizard

The Elgin Road Wizard Mechanical Broom is powerful, dual-engined, and ready to take on a challenge. The sweeper has double-scissors lifting mechanisms, great for stability, rigidity, and trouble-free operations. The Road Wizard can be customized to the job you need, ready to power through any heavy constructions and gravel loading applications.

The Road Wizard has a 5.4 yd³, with a 360-gallon water tank for superior dust control along with the impressive dumping height of up to 11’, 2”, and 11’ of hopper side-shift to ensure uniform dumping. Equipped with a standard squeegee patented interchangeability to chevron conveyor belt systems. The Road Wizard has a 74hp Cummins Tier 4 final auxiliary engine and a quad-pump hydraulic system for maximum power to the ground while sweeping. This sweeper is equipped to power through any heavy construction and gravel loading applications.

Why Choose the Elgin Road Wizard? –

  • High Productivity Sweep System Features a 38-gallon reservoir with an external level indicator and thermometer and a 24 GPM quad section gear pump capacity at 1200 RPM of an auxiliary engine.
  • All hydraulic lift and dumper controls are easily operated from in-cab console-mounted controls.
  • It comes equipped with a standard Squeegee type conveyor (Elgin belt conveyor also available upon request) to load the debris into the hopper.


For a sweep system with variable high dump capabilities and highway transport speeds, look no further than the Elgin® Eagle® four-wheel mechanical (broom) sweeper. Eagle sweepers are equipped with a no-jam conveyor or the optional elevator squeegee system, wide sweep path, and an industry-proven variable height lift system; 11” (279 mm) of hopper side-shift ensures easy dumping. Built on a conventional or cab-over commercial chassis, the Elgin Eagle features a dual-mode air suspension system, so an operator can go from a solid rear axle for dumping stability to a fully sprung chassis for operator comfort and control during high-speed transport. The Eagle is also available with Elgin’s innovative waterless dust control feature; allowing year-round sweeping, sweeping with water conservation, and eliminates the use of water on reactive compounds like Portland cement.

Also available with Elgins Waterless dust control feature.

  • • 74hp Cummins Tier 4 final auxiliary engine
  • • 4.5 yd3 (3.4 m3) hopper standard
  • • Variable dump height up to 11 feet, 2 inches (3404 mm)
  • • 11″ (279 mm) hopper side shift for maximizing dump truck/container payload distribution
  • • Chevron conveyor belt system with patented interchangeability to squeegee system


The continuously improved machine surpasses machine standard. The great visibility and maneuverability offer easy-to-operate routines for this single-lane dumping machine. If the isolation-mounted cab, a quieter operation isn’t enough for you, The Pelicans can also upgrade to innovative waterless dust control features to better your all-year-round services.

The Pelican market leader offers 360 degrees of operation visibility with a rear steer for outstanding maneuverability. The sweeper is front-mounted with a variable high dump hopper of 3.6 yd³. Elgin also equipped this Pelican sweeper with the exclusive chevron conveyor belt.

Also available with Elgins Waterless dust control feature.

Why Choose the Elgin Pelican sweeper? –

  • Single engine, three-wheel design maximizing maneuverability and stability
  • The axle support and hopper lift system are integral parts of the chassis.
  • Powered by John Deere 4045T 4.5l, 4- cylinder turbocharged diesel engine

Broom Badger

Looking for a maneuverable yet powerful compact mechanical sweeper? If so, consider the Broom Badger® from Elgin® Sweeper. This dual-engine sweeper, is easy to operate and maintain and does not require a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) to operate, making it ideal for municipal and contractor customers who need powerful cleaning in a size that benefits their operations. The compact, low-profile design allows easy access to tree-lined streets. And the short, 109-inch (2769 mm) wheelbase and a tight turning radius give the operator great maneuverability for cul-de-sac curb lines and tightly winding streets without sacrificing sweeping performance.

The Broom Badger is mounted on a 19,500 lb. Class 5 cab-over chassis available with standard air ride suspension. It features a 4.0 yd3 (3.06 m3) hopper with variable height dumping, up to 10 ft. (3.048 m), a 220 gallon (833 L) water tank for dust suppression and dual gutter brooms for a 10 foot (3.048 m) wide sweep path.

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