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Vactor 2100i

The Vactor 2100i focuses on putting the operator first. The advanced technology that built the machine focuses on the performance of the equipment and the operator’s performance. Between the admirable performance, the comfort the ride brings, and the easy to operate equipment, you are sure to experience the feeling of being in control.

Vactor Water Recycler

Saving hundreds of thousands of liters of freshwater yearly, the water recycling system is available on our 2100i combination sewer cleaners. We have eliminated the need to refill a water tank, saving up on productivity and expense. This model benefits your community, working to its fullest potential.

Vactor iMPACT

The Vactor iMPACT won’t let you choose between performance and cost savings. With the iMPACT, you can have it all. No matter the job, big or small, you will find iMPACT draining the pipes, but not draining your wallet.

Vactor 2100i CB

Vactor is taking the 2100i model to the next level. This machine will get rid of the most stubborn dirt, leaves, and rocks with ease. The 2100i Catch Basin features cutting-edge technology that will bring long-term value to the equipment while simplifying the operator’s job.

Vactor Ramjet Truck Series

The Ramjet is a powerful jetter that excels in performance and versatility. By us adding our exclusive IntuiTouch controls makes it that much better. It helps control greater precision and heightened productivity. This truck will make you unmatched out on the playing field.

Vactor Ramjet Trailer Series

This cost-effective sewer maintenance tool does not shy away from the Vactor way. The RamJet Trailer series offers a powerful and convenient way to clean your sewers, drains, pipelines and culverts effectively. The trailer has a selection of engines and pumps that best suit the job. Don’t shy away from this small but mighty tool.

Vactor ACE Easement Machine

Don’t stress about hard to reach inaccessible places, the Vactor Ace Easement Machine will tackle any job and make those difficult terrains a walk in the park. Simple and easy to operate, nothing will be an obstacle for you any more.