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Elgin Waterless Pelican

A sweeping system with high dump capabilities and transport needs. The four-wheel mechanical sweeper is equipped with hopper side shifts, a no-jam conveyor that interchangeable changes to the elevator squeegee system.

Elgin Eagle

Water conservation. Year-round sweeping and low dust emissions. Patented with the Waterless Dust Control System, the dry sweep performance is like none other. Customers will experience the Waterless Eagle in full force. The efficient and productive sweeper is perfect for those rain or shine days.

Elgin Waterless Eagle

This three-wheel mechanical sweeper excels at maneuverability and efficiency topped off with the Patented Waterless Dust Control System. Working to its greatest potential without the use of spray water, the Waterless Pelican is the truck for your day-to-day jobs.

Elgin Road Wizard

This Mechanical Broom is powerful, dual-engined, and ready to take on a challenge. The sweeper has double-scissors lifting mechanisms, great for stability, rigidity, and trouble-free operations. The Road Wizard can be customized to the job you need, ready to power through any heavy constructions and gravel loading applications.

Elgin Pelican

The continuously improved machine surpasses machine standard. The great visibility and maneuverability offer easy-to-operate routines for this single-lane dumping machine. If the isolation-mounted cab, a quieter operation isn’t enough for you, The Pelicans can also upgrade to innovative waterless dust control features to better your all-year-round services.

Elgin Megawind

This versatile vehicle is ideally suited for general sweeping, leave removals, and catch basin cleaning applications. There is no match to Megawind when sucking up bulky natural and construction debris.

Elgin Broom Bear

They are made to last. The Broom Bear is fully dualized controls (or single steer option), with an intelligent single-engine design that utilizes the chassis engine to power the vehicle. Broom Bear has options to choose from depending on your application requirements to assure you get the job done effectively.

Elgin Hybrid Broom Bear

This Hybrid Broom Bear is an example of Elgin’s continuous commitment to helping its customers reduce their carbon footprint. Tough on debris, easy on the environment, the vehicle will be recharging while you drive or by the plugin when it’s done its job for the day.

Elgin Whirlwind

Much like Whirlwind1, Whirlwind is ready to take on jobs including dirt, sand, millings, and general sweeping, maintaining the pavement to its greatest potential. The flexible applications and tailored performance configurations are sure to be another check off your list.

Elgin Whirlwind1

The Whirlwind1 will dominate uneven, patched roads taking on jobs involving dirt, sand, millings, and general street sweeping. This vehicle is a powerful tool to maintain and restore permeable pavement.