Road Maintenance

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Epoke Towed Spreaders

Innovation at its finest. The Epoke Towed Spreader has ongoing advancements in runway and road maintenance. The advance to the spreaders control system, the endurance, the greater legal payload is none other.

Epoke Bulk Spreaders

The Epoke Bulk spreader is easy to use, great flexibility without the compromise of a multi-use body. The dump body is lighter and can be fully loaded and unloaded with wet and dry materials.

Wille 275

Small but mighty. Ready for all seasons, the Wille 275 is robust and agile. Wille 275 has a minimum width of 1,260 mm and a minimum height of 1,990 mm. Plowing and blowing snow, loading and piling are accomplished thanks to Willie 275.

Wille 375

The trusted player in the game. The front loader, standard to the machine, battles the renovation of street and park areas any day of the year. This single machine is capable of more than a small machine. I don’t know about you, but the Wille 375 is someone I need on my team.

Wille 465

Better than ever. The Wille 465 is the most compact machine, with qualities and properties that a large machine has. No wonder it is the most popular environmental management machine in its weight category.

Wille 665

Unrivaled in its weight category, the Wille 665 has a great load-bearing capacity that works with the powerful operating system to dominate any given workload. Wille 665 is agile, low, and able to work smoothly in those tough-to-reach places


Wille 865

The king of multipurpose machines. The largest Wille is designed for the ones who require high power and capacity. Wille 865 is agile yet a versatile workhorse. Wherever you need high-efficiency tasks, Wille 865 will be there for you.

Wille Attachments

From a wide selection of attachments, we guarantee you will find the perfect versatile equipment for all your needs. Equip yourself with the best of the best attachments. Both hydraulic and mechanical capabilities have been considered, making our attachments safe and easy to use.

OMCO Street Flushers

Hygienically spotless, Karcher floor scrubbers results are sparkling performance guaranteed. With various Floor Scrubber choices, Karcher is sure to have the machine best suited for your tasks.

PB Loaders BC Patcher

The Belt Conveyor comes fully equipped for complete asphalt patching and can be mounted on any chassis. Easy to operate and maintain, PB Loaders are designed to maximize productivity and tackle patching jobs with just one machine.