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Resurfice Millennium E

Saving you both time and money, the OLYMPIA Millennium E has operating expenses half the price of a standard fossil fuel ice resurfacer. No worries about the batteries running out. The Millennium E is known for running multiple resurfacers in a row without charge in between.

Resurfice Mini E

OLYMPIA’s Mini E Ice Resurfacer is here to work those smaller rink facilities without shorting the standards of OLYMPIA’s Resurfacers. The Mini E is the little brother we all love and uses all the same features as his big brother, OLYMPIA Millennium E.

Resurfice IceBear

The OLYMPIA Icebear Ice Resurfacer was designed for the operator’s ease. The simplified electric controls are conveniently located to the operator’s reach, creating a smooth ride, sparing no expense of the quality of the resurfaced ice.

Resurfice Millennium H Series

OLYMPIA Millennium H is leading the world in innovation and dynamic ice-resurfacing technologies. We assure you that performance, operation, and precision are above standard to keep your machine functioning at peak performance

Resurfice Millennium H PLUS Series

OLYMPIA Millennium H Plus is the cornerstone of innovation. Designed from over 50 years of constant innovation and manufacturing improvements by Resurfice, new standards have been set.

Resurfice Battery Edger

The delivery of the OLYMPIA Battery Edger delivers only the finest pollution-free finish in the industry. With sealed lead acid gel-filled batteries and eight carbide-tipped blades, and level controls, the Edger has more than 40 minutes of high performance.

Resurfice Gas Edger

Easy and safe to use, the efficiency of the OLYMPIA Gas Edger has proven to be as reliable as you need it. With centralized controls, the easy-to-use edger will be your best friend.

Resurfice Propane Edger

Easy to use with durability and efficiency you can trust. The OLYMPIA Propane Battery features the latest technologies to set a new standard for the industry. The proven reliability is sure to meet all your ice resurfacing needs.