Hydro Excavation

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The TRUVAC HXX was built from the ground up. This full-sized machine had years of research. There is no job too big or too small for you to complete between the input from tests and customers. With the various types and flows of pressure rating, there are multiple storage options, excavation options, and more!

TRUVAC Paradigm

The most innovative and versatile small vac truck on the market. The TRUVAC Paradigm lets you excavate in crowded places with safety and versatility in mind. Customer-inspired and built to safe-digging requirements, the Paradigm is committed to quality.


APXX is the peak performer of heavy-duty vacuum excavators. Built to operate in the most rugged climates and environments, it reaches new heights by delivering a combination of standard features that make this machine rise to a class of its own.


Meet the TRUVAC FLXX, a flexible vac truck providing you maximum payload, performance and productivity in a smaller more maneuverable package. TRUVAC FLXX is the safe digging machine that is perfect for a wide range of applications simply are not as suitable or as profitable for a full-size truck.


The TRUVAC TRXX vacuum excavator is a compact trailer with the power and features required at a variety of job sites to perform a wide range of tasks. This non-destructive hydro excavation trailer is portable and versatile and ideal for a broad range of applications.