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Heil REVAMP Electric Automated Side Loader

The Heil RevAMP automated side loader was developed with a mission of revolutionizing refuse collection. The 100% electric arm and auger compactor allows fleets to reduce their environmental footprint by reducing fuel use and greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions, while also eliminating hydraulic oil spills. This combination enables the operation of a fully-electric automated refuse collection vehicle (“RCV”), versus hybrid technologies that adapt a traditional hydraulic body to a battery-powered chassis and still require hydraulic hoses to operate the body functions.

Heil Half/Pack Automated Front Loader

This game-changing automated front load garbage truck has proven to be one of the most dependable Heil® Half/Pack® Automated in the business. New standards have been set, and the Heil® Half/Pack® Automated Front Loader is sure to exceed your expectations when it comes to a refuse collection vehicle.

Heil Half Pack LowRider Automated Front Loader

Delivering both residential and commercial performance, the LowRider® Automated Front Loader garbage truck redefines productivity and safety in the business. Heil®says it best, “productivity with a low-profile attitude.” Fleet owners don’t need a second truck to handle bulk collections. LowRider® can do it all.

Heil Half/Pack Front Loader

Legendary to the industry for its durability and dependability. The Half/Pack® Front Load garbage truck. Innovative technology has enhanced this truck’s functionality and assures a long and reliable lifespan. What more can you ask for?

Heil Half Pack LowRider Front Loader

The Heil® LowRider® Front Load delivers both residential and commercial performance changing the way to defining productivity and safety. The LowRider® gets its name from riding 12” lower than the standard front loader and weighing less than half of our Half/Pack! WOW!

Heil Half/Pack Sierra Front Load

Sixteen percent lighter than our standard Half/Pack® Front Loaders, The Half/Pack® Sierra Front Load is a mid-weight solution for the jobs of commercial and residential refuse routes. No matter the job, the Half/Pack Sierra is simply the best solution for the task.

Heil DuraPack Python Automated Side Loader

Famous for toughness and productivity, the DuraPack® Python Automated Side Load garbage truck proved products into one high-performance package. The sidearm is one of the smoothest, fastest, and longest-lasting lifting arm!

Heil DuraPack Rapid Rail Side Loader

A superstar on residential and commercial refuse routes, the DuraPack® Rapid Rail Side Load has a compaction sideload body, making it a reliable and tough refuse collection vehicle. A worldwide network of knowledge into one machine, DuraPack® Rapid Rail will be there for you through anything.

Heil Liberty Automated Side Loader

This lightweight Liberty Automated Side Load Garbage Truck has a patented paddle packer that continuously sweepers the hopper and eliminates the need to stop and pack the load. What more can you ask for!

Heil Rapid Rail Side Loader

The lightest side load in side loader history is here. Allowing commercial and residential refuse collection, the Rapid Rail® Automated Side Load Garbage Truck can go in that tight alley with ease. This truck is ideal for those downtown roads. Look no further for the agile truck you need.