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Envirosight Rovver X

The ROVVER X lets you do just about anything you need to inspect your sewer drains. The rover is agile, intelligent and versatile, and easy to use. The steerable six-wheel drives and maneuvers around obstacles, the modular design will adapt to a pipe of any size, the side-scanning and laser profile are just a few of the many features you can have with your ROVVER X.

Envirosight Rovver X SAT II

The ROVVER X Lateral Launch Sewer Camera Crawler. The ROVVER X SAT II is redesigned to give you the industry-leading productivity, range, and reliability, cost-efficient rover to find cross bores, perform pre-acceptance sewer inspections, and hunt down illicit flows.

Envirosight Verisight Pro+

Verisight Pro+ has everything you need to inspect pipes, document your findings, and generate reports for on-site delivery. It captures detailed footage under challenging conditions, and its accessible interface offers robust tools—including observation entry and reporting options—as well as USB and SD media interfaces for easy transfer of data, video, images and reports

Envirosight Jetscan

Jetscan 2.0 self-leveling skid with 8″ pipe wireless charger attached to a swivel connector with nozzels.

Envirosight Quickview airHD

The Quickview airHD is a rapid instant, wireless HD view into any sewer. Understanding the sewer conditions effectively and affordably, the high-powered zoom optics andQuickview assess the sewer lines. What a great addition this would be to your fleet!

Envirosight DigiSewer – ROVVER X Attachment

The Side-Scan Camera for ROVVER X, DIGISEWER will capture every square inch of pipe walls with detailed visual data at speeds of up to 70fmp. The high-resolution will make sure inspectors have an easy job. With faster review and annotation, the automatic identification of taps and joints will be the most effective camera ever seen.

Envirosight Laser – ROVVER X Attachment

Attaching in seconds, the Lazer inspection crawler is all you need to profile inside of buried pipes geometrically. The Lazer can use the captured data to generate an analysis of proper pipe installation, plan to reline, determine pipe life, monitor erosion, and corrosion, and quantify defects of the pipe. This is the perfect addition to your ROVVER X.

Envirosight Quickview 360

Quickview 360 combines the maneuverability of a pole camera with the in-depth data capture and reporting of cloud technology to produce AI-coded results and 3D models from a 5-minute condition assessment. Reach for Quickview 360 to:

Envirosight Truck Builds Outs

Mobilizing your sewer inspection capabilities, Envirosight has developed a Preferred Build-Out vehicle to deliver the most effective form of service possible.

Envirosight WinCan VX

Need a third opinion? The WinCan VX will help revolutionize how you make decisions. Based on inspection reporting and asset management, the cloud-based web is scalable, innovative, collaborative, and tells you what you need to hear most. Analyze and comply with the data using the Wincan VX. You won’t regret it.