The 2100i Catch Basin Cleaner

When you need a dedicated catch basin cleaner, Vactor brings you a model that has all the advantages of our industry-leading 2100i.  The 2100i CB features cutting-edge technology that reduces operator fatigue, simplifies maintenance, improves performance, and brings you greater long-term value.  The 2100i CB has the power you need to clean out the most stubborn rocks, dirt, leaves, and litter.  You and your operators can count on:

Its Many Features Include:

  • IntuiTouch® one-touch in-cab controls for PTO/Transfer Case activation at the touch of a button
  • IntuiTouch control panel that combines all cleaning system functions into one, articulating control panel
  • The optional RDB 1015™ Rapid Deployment Boom telescopes out 10’ and extends the debris hose down 15’ eliminating the need for additional tubes
  • Available low-maintenance Jet Rodder® Water Pump provides smooth continuous flows and optional “jackhammer” action
  • Patent pending H.A.L.O.™ (Hands-Free Accessory Light Option) brings a new level of safety and efficiency to every job site
  • Multi-Flow system offers operation at lower RPM for better fuel economy without sacrificing performance, less component wear, and greater product life
  • Modul-Flex design provides for maximum capacities and optimum weight distribution on every truck
  • Quieter engine design, high ground clearance, and other features that enhance the operator experience
  • High-strength aluminum water tank maximizes capacity and comes with a 10-year corrosion resistance warranty
  • Choose a Positive Displacement model for pulling material long distances or Single and Dual Fan models for all-around catch basin cleaning
  • Select from an array of options, including water heaters and cold weather options, to fully customize your 2100i CB
  • The hydro excavation package can expand the 2100i CB capabilities beyond catch basin cleaning
  • Optional wireless controls

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