Side Loaders


REVAMP Electric

The Heil RevAMP automated side loader was developed with a mission of revolutionizing refuse collection. The 100% electric arm and auger compactor allows fleets to reduce their environmental footprint by reducing fuel use and greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions, while also eliminating hydraulic oil spills. This combination enables the operation of a fully-electric automated refuse collection vehicle (“RCV”), versus hybrid technologies that adapt a traditional hydraulic body to a battery-powered chassis and still require hydraulic hoses to operate the body functions.

The all-electric body features an arm with no kick-out, that provides a shake-free and smooth operation. The arm itself is much quieter, and does not have any hydraulics to power it. The auger compactor allows for compaction through the front wall of the body and unloading with a pack-through eject panel to discharge the waste. This design provides a self-cleaning hopper, and does not require tilting of the body to unload it. With all body and arm functions being battery powered, no energy is drawn from the engine to power the body and the arm.

The Heil REVAMP electric side loader is more environmentally friendly than any other standard automated truck on the market.

  • 100% electric on-route – NO hydraulics – NO hydraulic leaks
  • Fuel savings of up to 35% on diesel chassis; 100% fuel savings on electric chassis
  • Easily charge overnight with plenty of energy for a day’s work
  • GHG reduction of 41 tons/year/truck on diesel chassis
  • Lighter body (less than 16,400 lbs.) – less fuel consumed – better payload

DuraPack Python

Famous for toughness and productivity, the DuraPack Python Automated Side Load garbage truck proved products into one high-performance package. The sidearm is one of the smoothest, fastest, and longest-lasting lifting arms!

Standard features include High Compaction Body, Service SMart Design, Exceptional Reach and Lift, Duramount Design, Remote Controller with In-Sight Display, Shur-Lock Tailgate, On-Board Diagnostics Tool, and more!

What sets Python® apart?

  • Python® Automated Lift
  • JoyStick Cab Control
  • Python® Grabber Gears
  • Durability and Longevity
  • And More!

Choose between 22, 24, 26, 28 yd³ Body Capacity options, with a standard Hopper Capacity of 4.7 yd³ for all model sizes. The Python® has a Compaction Force of up to 900 lbs per yd³. The Weight of Automated Lift Specification is approximately 1,850 lbs, providing an efficient and productive arm.

The DuraPack® Python’s body is famous for its toughness and productivity, and the Patented Python Automated Arm is the smoothest and longest-lasting lift arm. The Python is a sturdy package with the stamina to withstand years of tough hauling.

DuraPack Rapid Rail

A superstar on residential and commercial refuse routes, the Heil® DuraPack® Rapid Rail has compaction sideload body, making it a reliable and tough refuse collection vehicle. A worldwide network of knowledge into one machine, DuraPack will be there for you through anything.

Standard features include a High Compaction Body, a Service Smart Design, In-Cylinder Hydraulic Sensors, Can Shake features, Proportional Controls, Rapid Rail Grabber Gears, Dual Joystick Capabilities, Mobile Controller with In-Sight Display, and more!

What sets the DuraPack® apart?

  • Heavy Lifting Capacity
  • Above-Grade Can Pick-Ups
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Auto Lift Feature
  • And More!

Choose between Body Capacities of 22, 24, 26, 28, 33 yd³, all set with a standard Hopper Capacity of 4.7 yd³. The Heil® DuraPack® Rapid Rail has a Compaction force of up to 900 lbs per yd³. The refuse truck has a Lift Load Capacity of 1,600 lbs.

The Heil® DuraPack® Rapid Rail combines the DuraPack® body features with the benefits of the Rapid Rail arm! This truck was built for the operator’s comfort but spared no expense on the productivity and efficiency of the machine.


This lightweight Liberty Automated Side Load Garbage Truck has a patented paddle packer that continuously sweepers the hopper and eliminates the need to stop and pack the load. What more can you ask for!

Standard features include Patented Paddle Packer, 2x Increased Paddle Life, New Packer Shaft Seal Design, Upper and Lower Bearing Grease Lines, Quiet and Fuel Efficient, Duramount Design, Python® Grabber Gears, and more!

What sets Liberty apart?

  • Python® Automated Lift
  • Big Swing Paddle Packer
  • Select-O-Pack
  • Lightweight Body
  • And More!

Choose between 16, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 32 yd³, all coming with a Hopper Capacity of 4 yd³. The Liberty has a Lift Capacity of 800 lbs and a Compaction force capacity of up to 700 lbs per yd³.

We have integrated our time-tested Continuous Pack body with the patented technology of the Python® arm. When you choose a Liberty, you get one of the most productive and durable refuse collection vehicles available.

Rapid Rail

The lightest side load inside loader history is here. Allowing commercial and residential refuse collection, the Heil® Rapid Rail® Garbage Truck can go in that tight alley with ease. This truck is ideal for those downtown roads. Look no further for the agile truck you need.

Standard features include a 2x Increased Paddle Life, a New Packer Shaft Seal Design, Upper and Lower Bearing Grease Lines, Rapid Rail®, Grabber Gears, Quiet and Fuel-Efficient Operations, and more!

What sets the Rapid Rail® apart?

  • Rapid Rail® Automated Lift
  • Big Swing Paddle Packer
  • Select-O-Pack
  • Lightweight Body
  • And more!

Choose between Body Capacities of 16, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 32 yd³, and a standard Hopper Capacity of 3 yd³ for all bodies. The Heil® Rapid Rail® has a Lift capacity of up to 1,600 lbs and a Compaction Force of up to 700 lbs per yd³.

The Heil® Rapid Rail® has a lengthy arm, fast cycle times, and a solid structural design; productivity won’t be an issue here. It has an 8-second cycle time allowing you to reach more homes in fewer amounts of time.

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