Equipment Rentals

Vimar Equipment has been in the rental business for over 10 years, we specialize in renting sewer cleaners, street sweepers and municipal equipment on short, medium and long-term rentals. We do straight rentals, rent-to-own, and lease programs.

Vimar Equipment frequently rents the following types of equipment. Please visit our Used Equipment page to see a full list of the used equipment we may have available for rent.

  • Vactor Sewer Cleaners
  • Elgin Street Sweepers
  • Vactor HXX Units

Before and after every rental we do a thorough evaluation of the unit and ensure it is work-ready. All units are Provincially Inspected and may be insured by the lessee or Vimar Equipment. We can also arrange all shipping and training if required.

Why Rent?

  • It's your peak season.
  • You have a short-term contract but can't justify a purchase.
  • You want to "try before you buy" a used piece.
  • Budget constraints.

Why Rent from Us?

  • Quality equipment.
  • Excellent service support.
  • We will work with you to meet your budget requirements.
  • Term discounts.

For More Information Contact Us.