Vimar is proud to partner with Envirosight to bring the industry's leading sewer inspection brand to you. Envirosight technology helps municipalities and contractors understand the condition of underground sewer, storm and water infrastructure. The company is committed to innovation, delivering products that enhance user productivity and inspection detail.

  • ROVVER X video inspection crawler: A single ROVVER X does it all—inspects pipe, records digital video, logs PACP compliant observations, generates reports, and links to asset software. Various add-technologies allow ROVVER X owners to expand their capabilities affordably:
    • Lateral launch: With ROVVER X SAT.
    • Laser profiling: Attaching directly to the ROVVER X pan/tilt camera.
    • Side-scanning: Capturing every square inch of pipe at speeds three times faster than CCTV.
  • QuickView zoom survey camera: Using powerful zoom optics and patented illumination technology.
  • VeriSight Pro push camera: VeriSight Pro lets you inspect pipe, document your findings, and generate reports on-site.
  • JetScan video nozzle: JetScan is the quick, easy way to see what you're jetting.



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Vimar currently has these Envirosight models available. Please follow the link to Envirosight's website for more product details.

- ROVVER X DigiSewer

- QuickView

Push Cams
- VeriSight Pro

Video Nozzles
- JetScan